Founder coaching – we support you from the business idea to self-employment

Start-up advisors will help you apply for subsidies such as start-up grants or start-up money, write a suitable business plan for you (link: Have a business plan drawn up) or answer your questions on the subject of setting up a company. 


Founder coaching in Cologne- we support you from the business idea to self-employment

Start-up advisors will help you apply for subsidies such as start-up grants or start-up money, write a suitable business plan for you (link: Have a business plan drawn up) or answer your questions on the subject of setting up a company. 

We at Unternehmens-Werk have extensive experience in almost every industry thanks to our many years of experience as start-up consultants, management consultants and business coaches.The people we accompany in their business start-up are usually burdened with a multitude ofquestions to which they have no suitable answer.

How do I finance a business idea? What do I need a business plan for and when do I actually have to register a business? The foundation of a company is connected with many questions. We know the questions that concern you in your specific situation, give you the appropriate know-how and accompany you to the start of your own personal success story.


What is a start-up consultation?

A start-up consultation or start-up coaching (in the English area also start-up coaching) is intended to enable start-ups, i.e. people who want to start a company, to implement their business idea. It can be one-on-one counseling sessions, online start-up consultations, or training sessions that address all facets of starting a business: Writing business plans, requesting a loan from the bank, applying for financial subsidies (link: performance subsidies), defining business goals, finding or coaching customers and employees, etc. 

A startup consultant helps you create and maintain strategic business plans. He thinks holistically, is familiar with many different industries and knows how to create business and financing plans. 


What does a founder coaching cost?

Thanks to the so-called employment and placement voucher (AVGS for short), consultations can be 100% free of charge in many cases. These are individual coaching sessions, which are financed by the job center or the employment office in the sense of a introduction to self-employment. The following article explains how to apply for AVGS at the employment office and whether you are eligible for AVGS: How to apply for an AVGS (Link: apply for an AVGS ). 

Outside of the state funding, the costs for an individual consultation are between 3400 – 11.800 Euro, depending on the provider. If applicable, here price list or rough guide values for prices with reference to possibly free initial consultation or contact form with inquiry. 

However, the exact determination of the amount of work required always depends on the individual case – so don’t worry: it doesn’t cost anything to ask. 

Please feel free to contact us (link: Contact) and ask your questions in a free consultation with us.

How to reach us

If you want to know more about us (Link: About us) and our philosophy, you will find more information more information behind the link.


What should you look for when searching for a good start-up consultant? How do I find a reputable start-up coach?

You have exhausted the possibilities offered by the Internet on the subject of “founding a company”? exhausted? articles and guides on how to start a business, but you still haven’t been able to but still can’t get your business idea off the ground? Then it’s time to turn to a start-up coach or start-up consultant. When looking for a suitable coach the following characteristics, in order to exclude dubious offers.

1) Network: The consulting firm should have a solid network of other start-up founders and should be able to establish contact with banks that are happy to work with business founders.

2) Be precise: A coaching session should be short, focused and goal-oriented. You should know at the end know which actions to take urgently and which to take less urgently.

3) Trust: A good startup consultant will always handle your data and the data of other clients with the utmost sensitivity. Whoever talks out of the closet during the consultation should become suspicious to you.

4) Experience: You want someone on your side who can provide solid business and industry contacts or suggest experts you can turn to.

5) Commitment: you should notice that the consultant has an interest in advancing your business idea. He should help you to set realistic goals, not to overtax yourself or – if necessary – to leave your comfort zone.

In order to ensure a serious and goal-oriented cooperation, it is often worthwhile to request a free initial consultation (link: contact form).


Start-up consulting makes sense for every start-up: Who can take advantage of start-up coaching?

Our start-up consultations are aimed at all start-up entrepreneurs.

And almost anyone can start a business. No matter whether university graduates, academics, retrainees, self-employed, part-time employees – anyone who has a convincing business idea and the necessary energy to implement it can start a company.

Job seekers, young visionaries and anyone on a budget can request a free consultation via an AVGS. Job and placement vouchers (AVGS for short) (Link: What is an AVGS) can be applied for through the job center or the and can be redeemed for coaching services. How to apply for an AVGS you can find out here – apply for an AVGS (Link: AVGS beantragen)

Newly founded companies, existing companies, self-employed or those companies that have fallen into difficulties, can train at Unternehmenswerk in the course of a BAFA-funded consultation or individual coaching.


What do I learn in a start-up coaching?

You need support for your plans?

Feel free to contact us (link: contact form), we are looking forward to new tasks.

Make your start-up easier! Benefit from our coaching.

We accompany and support you every step of the way. For a good start and successful self-employment.